Fun with Water Beads

Last night, I dumped 23 packets of water beads into the boys’ pool. I had this image of a pool full of water beads, but since our pool is 6 feet across, it would have been nearly impossible to fill. So I had to settle for about 2 gallons of fully grown water beads.

This morning, it looked like this:

Around 7:30, the kids wandered out to dip their fingers in the water, as they like to do each morning. The next thing I heard was … “WHAT the heck?! What the heck are these things?!” and then, “Dorian, there’s JELLO in the pool!”

Needless to say, it was a big hit! They jumped in even though the water was freezing.

And then, the big discovery. “There’s INVISIBLE ones, too!” Nearly half the beads were clear and they totally disappeared in the water. They spent about an hour dipping the beads out and seeking out all the invisible ones.

I highly suggest this if you want to have some fun with your kiddos. We even used them for school after they dipped them out.

Dominic did color sorting:

And the big boys learned about weight.

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