Happy 2nd Birthday, Dominic!

Dominic turns two today. I cannot believe that time has gone by so very fast. There’s no more baby in this house! Our crib is gone and the baby toys have been passed on to infant cousins. The signs of babyhood are gone and little boy stuff is replacing it. It’s bittersweet.

It’s hard to believe that this:

Turned into a little guy who runs around like crazy, is partially potty trained, talks a blue streak and climbs on assorted things to reach the markers at the top of the fridge. He’s a busy, busy little man and he thinks he’s just as grown up as his brothers! He says things like “Oh, come ON!” if you kiss him and he scolds his brothers as if he were their older brother. He’s a lot of fun!

Dominic is currently obsessed with Bubble Guppies, so I made him a Bubble Guppy cake with the boy guppies on it, Goby and Nonny and Gil at the top.

I used the icing transfer technique to make the guppies, though it kind of failed me with poor Goby’s eyes! Still, Dominic was thrilled. He also got a set of wooden blocks that Irving made him, a Winnie the Pooh fishing set and I made him a Mr. Grouper pillow.

This is part of a set that isn’t finished yet. The other part is a reversible blanket with Bubble Guppies on it. Here’s Nonny so far.

While we did have some issues with a grumpy birthday boy who needed a short nap, it’s been a pretty good birthday. Apart from the fact that, you know, my baby is a kid now. Sniff.

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