Happy Mother’s Day!

Here in Guatemala, we celebrated Dia de la Madre yesterday. It’s always on the 10th of May here, even if that falls during the week. It’s a proper holiday for most women, but since school is often out that day, I’m not sure how much of a break it is!

Anyway. Today is Mother’s Day in Canada, the US and other areas of the world, including Mother’s Day for my mom. She’s been a wonderful mom to me and over the years, we’ve grown much closer, even though we are physically apart. I love talking to her via email regularly, sharing our days and getting her advice on everything from cooking and cleaning and working to childrearing and homeschooling. It is a relationship that has become much stronger over the years, particularly once I had children of my own!

My mother gave birth to five girls, one of whom went straight on up to Heaven, and raised four of us, homeschooling and nurturing our creativity, even when it was tough! For that, I thank her. I know now just how hard it really was!

To all the mothers out there, whether your child is here or in Heaven, Happy Mother’s Day.

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