He Walks

Dominic has been taking a few steps here and there for weeks now, but a couple of days ago, he decided to just go for it. He refused to crawl anymore and simply kept staggering around, falling down, getting back up and laughing and staggering on. Within 48 hours, he went from a 2-3 stepper and crawler to a long distance walker.

This is where the concrete comes in awfully handy. My little guy never would have made it on the uneven dirt we used to have, but now he hurriedly stomps up and down the concrete entry, busily carrying toys and dirt and rocks back and forth to create his imaginary worlds, without falling very often at all. And he is HAPPY. The first day he really got it, he wouldn’t sleep. He kept wanting to get up and practice running across the kitchen (yes, he’s already going for running because he is my child and we Davies never bother to think that maybe we should start slowly).

It is SO cute to see him walking. I love it. And if I can get my camera working, I might even get a video of it. Because guess who managed to climb up high enough to grab said camera and throw it to the floor? Yup, the little walker. I can sometimes take photos, but videos are very iffy. It likes to throw up the Fireworks symbol if I try to video anything. Which was really, really bad timing.

And on that note, I had better go earn some money so I can buy a new camera and make sure I keep it far, far out of reach.

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