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We’ve been on a bit of a role around here, fixing up the small things in the house. One of the recent projects was the curtains in the living room area, but it was tough to sew that much fabric in a very small space.

My sewing area is a long table that we bought ages ago from a guy who was hauling it down our street. I have no idea how he managed to carry this thing on his own, but he was trying to sell it and pretty desperate after climbing up our steep hill. So we got it for a song and it was moved into our already crowded bedroom and quickly became the place to pile all our stuff that was in transition mode. I’m not going to show you a “before” pic because it’s just too embarrassing!

After I did the curtains and had this huge pile of fabric from that project and Dominic’s gifts on the table, Irving decided to do something about the unorganized space. He went to the market and bought some produce boxes and sanded them down and varnished them. Then he put up a shelf and hung a couple of the boxes on the wall. The remaining ones went on top of the shelf to hold some of my fabric.

This was the end result (though I’ve added another box up top for more fabric, heh):

Rustic? Yes, but it does the trick! I still have boxes under the table with odd shaped bits of fabric, but all the big pieces are up above the table now. And all that space to cut and assemble!

It may not be a big thing, but I’m very appreciative of the work Irving did. Otherwise, I would still be digging through a giant box looking for my best fabric, or piling it up on the table.

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