Homeschooling: So Much Easier with Two

I have been teaching the boys at home for two years, but this year, the BIG year with Dorian in Grade One, was worrisome. I stressed about the baby, the fact that maybe I can?t teach ?real? school and assorted other things. I told Irving about my anxieties and suggested that maybe, just maybe, we should consider sending Dorian to school this year. And he turned around and said, ?No way!?

Now to understand why that?s a big deal, you have to realize that when Dorian was born and I said I was homeschooling, Irving was 100% against it. He?s a teacher. He liked schools. Over the years, I kept working on him, determined that the kids would be educated at home. He started to come around when Dorian was about 3, but he still wasn?t convinced. ?Go ahead and teach him for preschool and we?ll see,? he said. So I did. Then I continued for kindergarten, but I fully expected him to be into the sending Dorian to school for first grade when I got the homeschool jitters.

Not only did Irving NOT want to send the boys to school, he decided to jump on in and give me a hand. A big part of my anxiety was the fact that I have less time than ever with my new position as a freelance manager and with the baby coming, I knew schooling was going to be tough and possibly not top priority. So Irving suggested that he take over some of the subjects and make it easier on me. From being totally against homeschooling to teaching two classes in 6 years? Not so bad!

It is WAY easier to teach when you have that extra support and help. Irving is teaching math and music and on the mornings when I can?t move without vomiting, he often directs other lessons, too. That makes me feel much better, knowing that even if I?m spending the morning hanging over the toilet while answering emails, the boys are still learning!

I really appreciate the extra support that Irving has been giving and the boys LOVE having Papa teach them. To the point where if I say it?s time for school, Dorian isn?t that happy, but if Papa says it?s time, the world is full of rainbows and gumdrops.

Just yesterday, Dorian read a funny story in his reading book and since we were laughing about it, Dante wanted to know what was going on. ?Hang on, I?ll read it to you,? Dorian told him and proceeded to go back and read the story on his own and make his brother laugh. It?s the first time he?s really acknowledged that he can read and the very first time he?s willingly read to someone besides myself!

Then other day, we were discussing how schooling is going and Irving told me, ?They?ve learned in a week what would take a month in school!? I pointed out that the whole one on one business really helps because they can move at their own pace, but I think he is thoroughly convinced now that this is the way to go and so am I, now that my confidence is back!

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