How to Treat a Severe Diaper Rash

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We`ve been through our share of diaper rashes. Dorian had a nasty one caused by a yeast infection that he picked up at the hospital when he was just a few days old. Unfortunately, since he had a colostomy, it wasn`t on his bottom, it was on his side and his tummy. We had to get a special anti-fungal creme for it, but that sucker finally cleared up. He had plenty more while he had his colostomy, but once his reconstructive surgery was over, he was fine.

Now it`s Dante`s turn and boy has he got a doozy this time! It was a minor rash for a while, but last night for some reason (and despite two diaper changes during the night), it exploded into raw, red skin that had him sobbing in pain. Here`s what we did to ease it.

Step One: Stop using wet wipes. Those things just make it ten times worse! A damp cloth with warm water is a far better option.

Step Two: Bathe the baby. Dante was NOT interested in a bath, but I knew it woul help wash away the irritants. Instead of using soap, which would have caused more problems, I put a bunch of oatmeal in a clean, old sock and wet it and wrung it out several times into the bathwater. Oatmeal helps reduce the puffy rednes and takes out some of the heat. We used cool water so it would help soothe the area.

Step Three: Air dry that butt! Even the fan was too much for Dante`s sensitive bottom, so I just laid him on a towel on the bed and we read stories while he got lots of fresh air down there. Since most diaper rashes are the result of too much humidity, being out in the fresh air helps a lot. It might even teach him something, the other day during his bare butt time, Dante walked to the door and proceeded to pee outside.

Step Four: Numbing spray. This is one of those things that is awful to do, but is for the best. I took a numbing antibiotic spray and coated all those red patches with it. Dante screamed his head off. It stings a bit on the first application, but then it kills the sensitivity. We learned this one with Dorian! Often their skin is too painful to touch, so it can be a nightmare trying to spread diaper cream on them.

Step Five: Dry it off. I was reading today that you shouldn`t use baby powder because it causes lung problems and that cornstarch can promote yeast growth. I guess that leaves burnt flour . . . but I used cornstarch, just a light dusting to make sure the entire area was nice and dry.

Step Six: Slather the cream on. Here we have a diaper cream called Crema Lassar that is pretty much universal in it`s use around Guatemala. No Desitin, Peneten or anything else that would probably be just great. So, I put Crema Lassar on Dante. And LOTS of it. Irving said his butt looked like an iced cake when I was done. :)

It`s a complicated process, and requires frequent repeating, but one that has been refined as we`ve gone through all sorts of diaper rashes. And it`s working . . . Dante is sleeping peacefully right now!


2 Responses to “How to Treat a Severe Diaper Rash”

  1. burntofferings (Bernie) on July 8th, 2008 6:53 pm

    Poor little fella… I feel for him with this, it must be aweful!

    I would go for the ‘air dry’ method… The longer he can go without a nappy (diaper) the better it will get quickly. Hope it does get better for him, and for you!

  2. Jessica K on July 9th, 2008 2:04 pm

    Aw, poor little baby. We have been really lucky with Grant (knock on wood). Grayson got a few nasty rashes, but Grant never really did. I’m glad you know all those tips to get rid of it.

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