I Miss My Bed

Posted on September 15, 2007 - Filed Under Personal, Simple Life |

I´m starting to wish I had just ignored that darn dip in our bed. :( It´s been over a month now and we are still crammed onto a single bed, with me sleeping head down and Irving the other way around. It sucks.

We went to the store three days ago and although the family that was running it is now in hiding, the employees are continuing the place. We asked about the bed and they called the warehouse and told us that it was ready. That they would bring it that evening.

Three more nights have passed and last night we had a spat because Irving pushed my legs off the bed and I (still asleep) kicked him in the face. Dante was restless, so I ended up just not sleeping last night. I really, really, really want my bed back. Irving is going to talk to them today. But if they don´t bring it by Monday, I´m going to look into buying a different one, from a store that hopefully won´t be the target of a kidnapping ring.

Speaking of kidnapping, apparently the daughter of the local grocery baron was kidnapped a couple days ago. This is getting scary. It doesn´t pay to have a business here!


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