If Toddlers Were Puppies

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With the addition of little Tasha to the family, I`ve found myself running around like mad, teaching the puppy not to come in the house, not to whine, to come on command, etc. It`s a lot of work. She cries at night, missing her furry siblings and wanting to play rather than sleep and during the day she wants to spend all day running up and down the path with me or the boys.

She`s a very smart little thing though and we`ve found that a squirt of water in the face is a great way to stop her from coming in the house, and a quick rap on the metal door with a spoon offends her ears if she`s barking or whining to be let in.

If it were just me and Irving, this wouldn`t really be an issue, but I`m also trying to discipline two little boys who are intent on pushing the boundaries and there are times when I kinda wish I could just spritz them in the face with water to stop the whining, too! Here`s a little glimpse of what I sound like during the day . . .

“Dante, don`t go outside, you don`t have shoes.”
“Tasha, out.”
“Dorian, stop poking your brother.”
“Dante, gentle with the puppy. Leave your brother`s car alone, he`s still playing with it.”
“Irving, can you get the dog some more water?”
“Tasha, quiet, you can`t come in.”
“Dorian, I asked you to stop poking Dante.”
“Dante, leave Dorian alone.”
“Dorian, Tasha, STOP whining!”
“DANTE, get you little hiney back in here!”
“STOP EATING THE GARBAGE!” (these last two are directed at either Tasha or Dante who share similar tastes in non-edibles)

and then . . .
“OK, that`s it. I`ve had enough. Everyone gets a NAP!”

Yes, a spray of water or a shake can would be awfully nice if they worked on toddlers . . .


5 Responses to “If Toddlers Were Puppies”

  1. Jessica K on September 7th, 2008 10:56 am

    Ugh, you are singing my song. All day I am fussing at someone! Some days I feel like the wicked witch. :(

  2. burntofferings (Bernie) on September 7th, 2008 7:17 pm

    Man, (and I know this is not true… tee hee hee) you sound like a ‘grumpy old woman’!!! :)

    Seriously, I suppose it comes with the territory when you have 3 little kids… 2 x boys & 1 x puppy! Oh, the fun of it all, are you having fun yet??? lol

    psssst, waiting for a blood test result which is looking like it might be positive… Will know more from around 12.30-1pm (tis 11.17am here now)! ! !

  3. Expat Mom on September 7th, 2008 7:55 pm

    Oh, it`s all fun! :) I do turn into a grumpy mama at times, but mostly I try to remind myself that this isn`t going to last long and I`ll miss it when they`re gone!

  4. burntofferings (Bernie) on September 7th, 2008 10:00 pm

    But don’t forget, it will change over the years…

    DORIAN, will you tidy your room…

    DANTE, will you clean up the dish’s

    :) :) :)

  5. Connie on September 8th, 2008 1:11 am

    When one of the kids (the ones with and without fur) gets into something they are not supposed to, I sometimes find myself going through all the names until I get it right, “BrianHonorMistyRAMSES get your nose out of the fridge so I can close the door!”.

    Yea, I wondered why the kids grew up expecting the cats to understand them, just like another person - maybe its because that’s how I speak to them now. I mean, “Stop bugging your brother!” works with kids or cats, so why worry about using different words?

    It may be crazy now, fitting Tasha into the schedule with two active boys, but it sure sounds like a sweet craziness!

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