Is It Possible to Have a Flat Stomach?

Posted on July 29, 2007 - Filed Under Body |

Ok, I posted a while back on my Fit Body Competition that my sister and I are doing. I haven´t written updates because the news is quite depressing. I haven´t lost anything! I have to admit that I haven´t been exercising much either, except for dancing around with Dorian to his Hi5 music videos.

However, that has all changed now. I downloaded a belly dance tutorial and an 8 Minute Abs workout video. This morning, I tried a little Tae Bo (boring and hard to keep up with) and then did the 8 minute abs. You´d think 8 minutes would be easy to manage, but NOOOOO!

I pooped out after the first 6 minutes, and even then, I wasn´t finishing as many reps as the guys on the video. Well, they have six packs, so I guess I shouldn´t be too depressed about that.

The hardest part about trying to exercise wasn´t the concrete floor under my backbone (although that was awfully hard, too!), but Dorian. He couldn´t figure out why I was laying on the floor and he kept running over and stepping on my hair and trying to drive trucks up my body while I was trying to do crunches. In the Tae Bo part of my mini workout session, he kept running right into the area where I was throwing my punches or kicking, so I was constantly having to adjust my position so I wouldn´t knock him over. Maybe that has something to do with why I couldn´t keep up!

Anyway, I think tomorrow, I will try to do the exercise session BEFORE Dorian gets up. Otherwise, one of us is going to end up with a black eye or a pulled hamstring!

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2 Responses to “Is It Possible to Have a Flat Stomach?”

  1. JustJessie on July 30th, 2007 8:18 pm

    Oh man, that is just like Grant! I have given up exercising when he is awake (except those little dance sessions). You’d think it would be fun for them to do along with us, but somehow it just freaks them out. Is it really that unusual to see mommy up of her butt? Apparently so, in my house at least.

  2. Genesis on July 31st, 2007 12:45 pm

    I remember I used to try and do exercises with my mom. Maybe it is just a boy thing? Also, Dorian thinks that people laying on the floor means that they fell down and he gets very worried!

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