Just Me and My Boys Out On the Town

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Yesterday marked the first ever time that I took the boys to Antigua on my own. That might not sound like a big deal, but for me, it was. I mean, in 17 months, I hadn`t tried it out of fear of what would happen! I`ve taken each kid on his own, but never both at the same time . . . until yesterday.

We needed milk and Irving wasn`t available to go get it and I couldn`t leave the kids with anyone, so when they woke up, I informed them that we`d be taking the bus to Antigua in a bit. Well, you think I`d just announced a trip to Disneyland! They were very excited and were quite cooperative about getting dress and having their faces washed, hair combed, etc.

Just the walk to the bus was fun. Dorian was babbling away about buses and how we were going to Antigua and Dante trotted alongside me, focused on staying upright on the cobbled road. At one point, I asked him how he was going, since he was totally silent and he flashed me this beatific grin that told me he was just happy to be going.

On the bus, Dorian named everything he saw, from windows to trees and kept stopping to just grin at me, totally thrilled with being on the bus again. We got off earlier than I`d planned, since the bus cleared out a bit. On a chicken bus, you have to anticipate your stop and walk down the aisle (which is about 16″ wide) while moving. Since the bus is jostling over cobblestones, that`s easier said than done, but we made it! Then we walked four blocks to the park where the kids chased each other around the fountain for a while.

Then it happened. The dreaded tantrum. What I`ve been fearing for the past year and a half. Dorian heard the ice cream cart bell and began to whine for ice cream. Now, in Guatemala, kids rarely throw tantrums because they just get what they want or someone bribes them with candy, etc. I`m really not into that method of raising my children, but my, was it tempting yesterday! Upon hearing that he couldn`t have ice cream, Dorian threw himself into a full fledged flipout. Screaming, stamping, kicking, yelling and howling. So, I told him calmly that his behavior wasn`t acceptable and that we had to leave the park now. I ignored the many (MANY) eyes on us as I tried to lead him away and of course he did that go limp thing that toddlers are so good at and I couldn`t take him anywhere. I made a snap decision and just walked away with Dante in tow. We got about three steps away and Dorian came tearing after us and sniffled his way to the next block where he promptly forgot about his tantrum and began to babble again.

We decided to have some breakfast (second for the boys, first for me) before doing the shopping. No sooner had I settled them in the booth of a little cafe off the park and ordered a typical breakfast when I suddenly thought, “WHAT am I doing? Taking TWO toddlers to a sitdown restaurant by myself?” Gulp.

I kept Dorian busy by getting him to count the lights and tell me the colors of things. He and Dante were munching on coconut fingers and peanuts, so that helped. There were a couple of “NO!” points but they didn`t get worse. Then the waitress came and wiped the table while balancing the tray with our orange juice on it. Dorian got quite impatient. “She`s cleaning.” He informed me. “I want juice. Give me the juice?” Finally he got it and he thanked the waitress very politely, but as she walked away he looked around the table and then YELLED at her retreating back.

“HEY! WHERE`S THE FOOD?” :S Yeah, that was embarrassing. We usually only go to fast food places so he`s used to getting it all at once. Anyhoo . . .

The rest of the breakfast went well, except for Dante wiping his bean covered face on my light pink tee-shirt and Dorian kind of freaking out when the waitress sat down beside him, trapping him in the booth that he was exploring (not ours) to ask his name. He yelled, “NO!” and then remembered his manners and said, “Excuse me, please.” to get her to move. Then we went shopping. Dante was totally worn out by now, so I had him in the suti (sling) and man, is that kid heavy! But shopping went so well.

Dorian wanted cars, but totally didn`t flip out when I told him we were there for food, not toys. He helped me choose the pasta, the sauces and then we went down the cereal aisle where he spied Froot Loops. “Oh, I want this!” He said enthusiastically. I said no. “But they good! I want THIS!” He said a little more emphatically.

“I know they look good and I know you want them, but we don`t eat food like that.” I told him. He sighed and wandered off to look at milk. There was another foreigner in the aisle who`d overheard me and she gave me a surprised look, probably as amazed as I that he hadn`t torn the entire department down.

In the taxi home, the boys were so good. They sat side by side, sharing little baked crackers (like Goldfish crackers that we don`t get here) and talking about their day. It all ended up being far better than I`d expected and apart from grabbing a bag of those fish snacks, Dante was a perfect little angel! So, we`ll definitely be doing this again. :)

In other news, the cable for my camera isn`t in stock at Kodak, but should be here in a couple of days. I`m so sorry, but this will be a word only blog until then. sigh.


6 Responses to “Just Me and My Boys Out On the Town”

  1. Renee on October 27th, 2008 9:21 am

    Awww thats so cute, it sounds like you had a pretty nice day together. I love the rare moments when your kid gets excited and seem to truly appreciate what your about to do with them.
    I made a spontanious decision to take Eddie to a halloween carnival last night (on a school night too!) and i got smothered with kisses and was declared the best mom in the whole world! It was nice.
    What are coconut fingers??

  2. Gloria on October 27th, 2008 4:09 pm

    Congrats on this historical debut! You must have trained them well if there was only one tantrum. What super kids they are. I’m stealing Dorian’s idea on yelling for food. Haha!

  3. burntofferings (Bernie) on October 27th, 2008 4:24 pm

    Sounds like they had the BEST trip, and you too for that matter…

    It’s funny when they throw a tantrum… I remember when we were looking after our nephews in Qld a couple of years ago when Max threw one… I simply did exactly what he did! He got a little embarrassed and stopped REAL quick!

  4. Jessica K on October 27th, 2008 8:11 pm

    That sounds like a wonderful day! It’s so nice to have a day where (almost) everything just flows. :) It’s good for Mama’s self esteem too, cause you know you’re doing something right!
    Umm, should I be embarassed to admit I have Froot Loops in my cupboard? Well, not really. They’re the generic brand (which surprisingly have far fewer questionable ingredients). Still, I felt a little guilty when I read that you didn’t cave to the pressure!

  5. connie on October 28th, 2008 4:24 am

    You are brave to venture out with two handfuls of toddler willpower! Sounds like you had a good day though. I remember my son throwing a tantrum once when my daughter was a babe in arms. I couldn’t haul him off, couldn’t reason with him… so I just sat down on the floor with him in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store and told him I’d just wait ’til he was done! :-D A lot of stares, but a lot of thumb’s up too, for not giving in and giving him what he wanted. He got over it.

    btw - what does you suti look like? I used a Maya wrap with both of my kids. I was wearing my son at the mall one day, and a man came up and asked where I got the sling. I said, on the internet. He was amazed! He said it was just like mothers wore in Guatemala. We checked the label, and sure enough, it said “made in Guatemala”. Is it the same thing? I loved my Maya wrap. Both kids rode in one past 2yos. Comfy, not too hot. Very adjustable. I kept mine for my kids when they have babies!

  6. Expat Mom on October 29th, 2008 10:57 am

    Connie, I`ll try to find some photos of my sutis. I use two different types, one is sewn into a proper sling with an adjustable band and the other two are simple squares of fabric that you knot over your shoulder (great for newborns). The adjustable one is relatively new, I don`t know if it`s like a Maya Wrap or not . . .

    Renee, coconut fingers are the most delicious candy ever! You have to try them when you come down here. ;) They are creamy and sweet and shaped like little fingers. We can never get enough of them around here.

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