Keeping Busy

Work has picked up lately, which means that everything has picked up, of course. Isn’t that always the way? Here’s what has been going on around here:

Dominic is:

  • Reading sentences and wants to practice reading daily
  • Playing in the rain and mud
  • Arranging the flowering plants (in pots) to his liking around the patio

Dante is:

  • Sculpting with the clay some wonderful blog readers brought us
  • Painting up a storm
  • Bugging his brothers
  • Crafting and reading

Dorian is:

  • Preparing to become a “Youtuber”
  • Taking a programming course on Khan Academy
  • Creating comics

Irving is:

  • Making furniture, signs, and shelves from pallets to sell on Antigua Rustico
  • Playing music gigs (as usual)
  • Taking the kids for hikes while I work


  • Writing for several clients, including sales copy, a novel and website copy
  • Baking up a storm, by myself, with friends and for business
  • Redoing my websites to be FDA compliant
  • Sewing NICU vests and gowns for preemies

What are you up to?

6 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Oooh, that sewing project sounds interesting. Maybe I can fill more of my spare time with that? (Or maybe I can finish learning how to crochet hats to go with the vests and gowns you’re sewing for them.)

  2. The past weekend, it was swimming at a a farm pond in 90 degree heat, Worked at my folk’s house Monday, Tuesday was lawn mowing( 5 acres) Today is sailing on a local reservoir with one of my old poly-sci professors, tomorrow is a visit with my uncle and Friday is, take the folks to dinner and their doctor visits, Lake Erie’s beaches this weekend. Retired life is grand.

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