Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 35

Me: ?Oh, my tummy hurts, that was too much food.?
Dorian: ?Are you sure it?s the food and not the baby coming??

Dorian: ?I?m going to be 8 next birthday.?
Me: ?No, you?ll be 7, it comes after 6.?
Dorian: ?Yeah, I?m skipping 7. I really want to be 10, but that?s a lot to skip.?
Me: ?Why do you want to skip ages? They?re all good.?
Dorian: ?Zanelle?s friend, that pretty girl? She?s 10. I need to catch up to her.?


Dante: ?When is MY birthday??
Me: ?In May. First comes Papa?s or Dominic?s birthday and then the other, then my birthday and then yours.?
Dante: ?Why am I always last? How come Dominic gets a birthday first??
Me: ?Your auntie Sarah is after you.?
Dante: ?No, I?m always last.?

Me: ?I love you guys.?
Dante: ?I love you, too, Mama.?
Dorian: ?Me, too.?
Me: ?Can you believe there?s going to be three of you guys soon??
Dorian: ?Yup. It?s going to be awesome!?

Me: ?I?m going to Antigua, I?ll bring you guys something to eat, ok??
Dorian: ?I want donuts!?
Dante: ?Bring me carrots, please!?

Dorian was playing with the in-laws? dogs. One in particular is a little aggressive, so he pushed him toward Loopy, who is four times this dog?s size . . .

Dorian: ?Seize him, Loopy! He tried to bite me!?

Dorian: ?You know, this crib is really nice. I might even like to have it in my room . . .?
Me: ?You want to sleep in it??
Dorian: ?Oh, no, I have my own bed, but maybe Dominic could sleep in my room, because it?s a pretty nice crib.?

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