Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 79

Me: “At Disney World they have the Beast’s castle and you can go eat there. Sometimes the Beast even comes in.”
Dante: “A real beast?”
Me: “No.”
Dante: “A robot, then?”
Me: “Just a guy dressed as the Beast.”
Dante: relieved “Oh, okay.”
Dominic: upon returning from running errands with Irving “Any food here? I need FOOD!”
Dante: “When I’m a man, I’m going to open a pizza shop and make my own pizza. It’s going to be great and we’ll have LOTS of money!”
Dante: “Mama, do we have any chemicals that explode?”
Me: “Um, no . . .”
Dante: “I thought I asked to you to buy some the other day.”
Me: “I forgot?”
Dominic: “More eye-peem!”
Me: “Can you say ‘ice?’”
Dominic: “Eyes.”
Me: “Can you say ‘cream?’”
Dominic: “Peem. More eyes-peem!”
Dante: “I HATE school! This is stupid! Why do I have to do this?”
Me: “Well, when you grow up, you’re going to need a job to make money and school helps you with that. Plus, math helps you figure out if you are making the right amount of money or if people are shorting you.”
Dorian: “AND, if you are building houses, you need to know how much wood to buy and how much to charge people.”
Dante: “Oh, that’s why? Okay.” Buckles down to work.
Me: “Dominic, can you say London?”
Dominic: “No.”
Me: “Can you say Londres?”
Dominic: “No. Papa can say it.”
Me: “Auntie Sarah is going to sleep in your bed, since you don’t sleep in it.”
Dominic: “Oh, Sawa sleep here.” looks around. “Oh! Need a pillow!”
Me: “Dominic, what are you doing?”
Dominic: “Nothing.”

4 thoughts on “Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 79

  1. Could you explain processions, what they are for, how they celebrate, do they move around each day, what kind of costumes…Is it like a religious carnival …You lose me a lot when you are telling about these things we don
    t seem to have in the States. the closest thing I could think was Mardi Gras. How long do they last? What is Semena Santa and what the heck is tuk tuk? LOL I really enjoy you!!!!!

    • Heh, I can definitely do a post on those things, Parker. I will be writing more as I take photos while out and about with my sister.

  2. I didn’t know you wrote a blog. Now I know. I used your one on fruits yesterday and hopefully gave you a little bump in subscribers. You are so much better at this than I am. Keep it up.

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