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I saw this on Smiles and Trials and couldn`t resist. By the way, I thought I had a HORRIBLE birth experience with Dorian . . . . but poor Christine had far worse. Her second baby actually swallowed blood (from the episiotomy) and had to have his stomach pumped. :S

Anyway. My story isn`t that exciting. :) Thank goodness. So here goes:

How long were you in labor? 9 hours with Dorian (but induced . . . it started as hard labor and never got worse, it killed from the beginning!), 12 with Dante, who didn`t need more than the membranes stripped, thank goodness. He had no amniotic fluid left and would have been induced if he`d been born any later.

Were you overdue? Oh yeah. Both boys were 2 weeks overdue, Dorian was pushing 3. I was SO sick of being pregnant, I went in to the doctor and begged him to induce me. He took my blood pressure, saw I was in full eclampsia and sent me straight to the hospital.

How much weight did you gain? With Dorian, it was 40 lbs, after not gaining anything for the first 4 months (the doctor told me to start eating more and I totally listened!). Sudden weight gain during a pregnancy is a sign of pre-eclampsia, by the way. With Dante, I only gained 15 lbs, I was really depressed for most of the pregnancy and didn`t really eat much. He still turned out stronger than an ox.

Did you find out the sex? Yup. Well, with Dorian we did, but we already knew he was a boy. With Dante, I was POSITIVE he was a boy and at the 19 week ultrasound, the doctor said, “Um, I can`t really tell.” So we didn`t know. And at the last ultrasound he said, “Maybe. It might be another boy, but I wouldn`t buy blue just yet.” So we didn`t. And when he was born the first thing I asked was “Is it a boy?” :D Quickly followed by, “Does he have an anus?”

How many ultrasounds? Since I`d lost three babies before Dorian, I had an ultrasound every two weeks for the first three months, then every month afterwards. I was really paranoid. The doctor didn`t have to do all those checks after we had a heartbeat, but he totally got that I was nervous and he`d do a real quick one each visit just to show me that everything was ok.  With Dante we had just two.

How did you know you were in labor? Um. Well. With Dorian, it was like someone reached in and closed my uterus in a steel vice grip. That was the first contraction. Dante was a very, very long day of twinges and annoyances until I went to the doctor to see what the heck was going on and he stripped my membranes and finally I started having hard contractions about an hour later.

Where did you deliver and who delivered? Dorian was born in the public hospital, delivered by some very inexperienced interns. It was right before Christmas, so no doctors (yes, you read that right . . . NOT A SINGLE FLIPPING DOCTOR) was on duty that night. And about 30 babies were born in one night, so they were pretty much swamped. I think there were only about three interns, plus about five nurses. Dante was supposed to be born at home, but my midwife had to go in for surgery and even though she totally waited, he was so late that she had to go. He came the next morning.

Drugs? C-Section? Episiotomy? No, No, and yes and no. :D Drugs aren`t an option here. THey just tell you to shut up and that it doesn`t hurt that bad. Yeah, right. I wanted a C-section with Dorian because I really didn`t think I could deal with anymore pain, but no. It`s routine here to give an episiotomy for the first baby. I won`t go into details, but I didn`t heal for a year and still have problems regarding that hack job. Thankfully, with Dante it was totally natural, no slicing and dicing involved, though I did tear.

Pics? But of course! We have no photos of Dorian until he was 8 days old because he had to be in the hospital for surgery and Irving wouldn`t let me take pictures of him in the hospital. He said it was bad luck. With Dante, we got pics a few hours after the birth (no one can be with you here while you give birth).

So here we are, Dorian at 8 days.

Dante at 2 days (can`t find my pics on this computer).


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  1. Renee on September 5th, 2008 9:04 am

    So sweet. You need a scratch and sniff so we can enjoy that wonderful baby smell!

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