Laser Tag Exercise

Those laser tag guns we got the boys are awesome. They’re perfect for getting more exercise for the whole family. Since we have three, both kids and one adult can play . . . or two adults and one kid, since Dante tires quickly of the game. So far, I’m the best shot.

Irving and his brother, Melvin, took Dorian and Dante to Florencia the other day to play. They had the open fields and forest to hide in and apparently it was a lot of fun. Irving said Dorian is really good at ducking into the bushes and then blasting you before you can even figure out where he’s hiding. The boys came home happy and worn out from all that fresh air and running around and they slept like LOGS last night. Just what a mama likes.

I’ll go next time, but this time I was too sick and had to work a bit more to hit my daily goal.

2 thoughts on “Laser Tag Exercise

  1. Paintball was a big thing with my friends and I when we were a little more spry. Paintball is a bit more on the brutal side, half dollar size black and blues where ever some friend found his/her mark. Our children when they got older were big fans, at least the young men were, they would pool their money to buy a crate of balls. The interesting thing was that once they had cars-the paint ball stopped. The choice between gas and paintballs always went to gas.

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