Laundry Weather

We’re gearing up for the rainy season here, but before it starts, the dry season is really giving its all to make things dry. This means HOT sun all day long most every day. Great laundry weather!

Unfortunately, while this much sun is nice for drying towels and jeans, it’s kinda melty human weather. Apparently it’s not even 30Вє, but let me tell you, with the tin roof, it’s nearly unbearable! Practically an oven in here.

That being said, I know that very soon, we’ll be getting torrential downpours all evening and night. That will be nice, though the damp brings its own problems like mold and leaks in the roof that never appear until it’s REALLY pouring. Each season has it’s pros and cons, so I’ll just try to enjoy them all.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Weather

  1. Do you and your family have AC? is it common to have AC where you live or is it very expensive to run one?

    • Nope, no AC here and I don’t know anyone who has it, apart from hotels and restaurants. We also have a tin roof, so it would be kind of a waste. We do have ice and fans, though! :)

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