Let’s Move!

We’ve been wanting to get out of our place for a while now. I’m sick and tired of living with in-laws and the dog incident was the last straw. Unfortunately, it makes no sense to rent a place when we can live rent free, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to figure things out. We decided to save for a house/piece of land.

Yesterday, we went to look at a gated community in another town where Irving’s bandmate lives. There are only a couple of lots left, but the bandmate’s brother wanted to show us a half built house that was for sale. So we decided it couldn’t hurt to look and it would be motivation to save.

As soon as we arrived, the boys piled out of the car and looked at the house (which was only walls) and asked, “Is this where we’re going to live?” I told them we were just looking.

The house is at the end of a street and backs onto a huge green area, with a playground and pool just a short distance away. The boys were thrilled and asked if they could run around. Given permission, they took off running across the grass and Dominic crawled around after them. We looked at the house and the plans and discussed pricing and assorted other grown up stuff (seriously, it makes me feel like I’m finally grown to be looking at a place like this).

Dorian looked around and said, “So, do they sell the upstairs, too? Because I like this place and we could move in tomorrow. But it might be nice to have the upstairs.” Keep in mind that there was nothing but dirt for floors and no roof on this place! I guess the pool and playground made up for the fact that the place wasn’t actually livable!

The house and lot are out of our price range, but it’s good to know that the kids will have no problems with moving when the time comes!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Move!

  1. WOW – Aren’t they keen to move!!

    I get why you want to move… It was once told to me that you shouldn’t live so close to family, if you can see the smoke form their chimney… I guess living next-door to them, is a bit close!!

    Good luck with the looking for a place; it is quite draining at times, and not so much the looking, but more so the negotiating!!

    • At this point, we have a long ways to go to get the money together for a new place, which is discouraging, but this was a chance to see what’s out there. And yes, don’t live this close to in-laws . . . it was definitely the worst idea of all time.

  2. It is a good idea to look at a lot of property and possibilities even before you have saved up. That way, when you actually have the money in hand, you are pretty sure about what you want and what you can realistically afford. Plus, for some reason, kids just really like to go look at houses! I remember when mine were small and we would do that, looking to upgrade, we must have visited places for a whole year, and they always loved running around all those model houses and stuff. Childhood is about imagination and possibilities, I guess. After all, they are not the ones having to worry about the payments! (lol)

  3. there are a lot of government programs that will actually give you money to complete unfinished housing;don’t leave this out as an option. You may be uncomfortable right now; but your children do have the luxury of seeing their grandparents everyday.Try to look beyond the immediate circumstances and see what the Lord is really intending that you have:)

    • I’m willing to wait, but sooner is better. :) The boys actually don’t see their grandparents anymore since the dog issue, since they are more concerned about defending their pets than the safety of the children. That’s part of the reason we need to get out of here, to have space for the boys to run around. We’re all starting to feel a bit cramped here!

  4. I insist. Look into moving to Panajachel. There are lots of expats, so you´ll be sure to find friends and more than your share of “gringo” stuff for when you feel homesick. It´s a very “walkable” town, nice market, your kids will be exposed to several cultures and you´ll be far away from your inlaws, but close enough for a bus ride, in case you do want to visit.

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