Little Chefs

All three boys are really into cooking right now and I’m all for it! More help in the kitchen? Yay! I do love cooking, but having some help is great, especially when I’m stuck on deadlines. In fact, the older boys are completely capable of making dinner on their own now, from lighting the gas stove (I still peek) to chopping veggies and cooking everything to perfection. And sometimes a tad past, but we learn from our mistakes.

Dorian regularly makes scrambled eggs for everyone except Dante (who still feels eggs are cruel and disgusting). He uses olive oil to keep things healthy, beats the eggs until they’re fluffy and cooks them beautifully. In fact, he can make eggs better than I can!

Dante almost always wanders over when I’m cooking to ask if he can help. He loves to cut vegetables and stir things. We’ve been working on seasonings, too and using our nose to help tell when a dish is well seasoned (as well as a taste test, of course).

The other night, Dante helped me with some simple chili and then he made a salad.

This was the end result:

All this independence is rubbing off on Dominic, too! The other day, I made coffee cake and he helped stir and pour and scrape it into the pan. Later in the day, I heard him scrabbling around at the kitchen table and when I looked, he was scooping a piece of cake out of the pan with a spatula. Except . . . I hadn’t cut it! He’d taken a butter knife, careful cut himself a slightly lopsided square of cake (quite reasonably sized, too!) and then used the spatula to move it to his plate. I was pretty impressed!

At this rate, I figure Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed is imminent.

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