Living in Guatemala

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I`ve written several posts that will be helpful to anyone who is considering moving to Guatemala, but they are scattered throughout the blog. To make it a little easier to find these posts, I`m collecting them all here. Check back in the future for more useful information!

The Cost of Living in Guatemala Series

The Cost of Eating in Guatemala

Covers the prices of food if you`re making everything at home, where to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and staples, among other things.

The Cost of Health in Guatemala

Talks about differences between hospitals, public and private, how much to pay for a dentist, doctor and how to buy medicine, as well as get lab tests done.

Guatemalan Celebrations


People dress up as giant stuffed animals and dance in the streets. Why? I still haven`t figured that one out!

All Saints Day

The Celebration of El Dia de Todos Los Santos is a really wonderful one, spent with family and friends in the cemetary.


The traditional food for All Saints Day, including a recipe to make your own.


A description and photos of a typical Christmas.

New Year`s

Guatemalans really celebrate the new year!