Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m aware that I’m a tad late on the Merry Christmas part of this post, but things were crazy hectic over the holiday!

We like to prepare ahead of time for Christmas, so I buy stocking stuffers and gifts starting in January, when I see a good deal or anything that might not be available during Christmas. So I had most of those little gifts for the boys, plus we got them an Xbox when someone decided they didn’t want to bother moving their collection anymore and sold a massive amount of accessories, plus the original Xbox for a ridiculously low price. We jumped on it, months ago, so that was the big gift taken care of.

However, I wanted to make the kids their Christmas Eve jammies and some rice heating bags. I had a friend bring me the fabric from the US, which was perfect, but then I had to actually sew it. I’ve never done collars before and the first one I did turned out terribly!

In the end, I finished up the pajamas literally minutes before the boys headed to bed! I also made a little jacket for my niece, from fleece.

toddler jacket

rice bags

I also did the boys’ stockings, since Dominic had a baby stocking and was ready to move up to a full-size. Instead of replicating the ones I made for the older boys years ago, I just did new ones and they turned out fairly well! And hats for each kid!



At midnight, we woke the boys up, but Dominic would just not wake up! So the big kids went out to burn bombas and I stayed in the house, in case Dominic did wake and freak out with all the noise. I needn’t have worried! He slept like a rock most of the night. So, when the kids were done with their firecrackers, they came in for hot chocolate and tamales. Melvin and his wife and Sofia 3 came over, too.

On Christmas Day, the kids opened their stockings and presents, then we had a huge dinner with 15 people on our patio! It was pretty amazing, though I was behind in finishing everything for the dinner. We had over a couple of my friends and one’s children, plus Melvin’s family and Gaby and her husband. It was a very fun afternoon, until we received word that my MIL was on her way home and everyone scattered in panic.

I hope all my readers had a terrific holiday and enjoy the new year.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. It was a very fun afternoon, until we received word that my MIL was on her way home and everyone scattered in panic.

    Keep a notebook, you will have enough material for a book in short order.

    Happy New Year.

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