Moms Need Vacations, Too

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With all the rain lately and Irving being gone a lot of the time, I`m really suffering from cabin fever. I just want out of this house, away from whining kids and a grumpy husband. But I can`t leave, because that`s not what moms do.

One of the things that really makes me jealous of Irving is the motorbike. He has the ability (and frequently uses it) to simply zip off somewhere. While I stay home with the boys. It`s very handy when we need diapers or something, since he can just run into town and get it, but it also means every time he just needs a break, he can leave. And he has work outside the home as well.

I know I`m lucky to be able to work from home. I know I`m lucky to have a family that loves me. But right now I would give my left arm to have the ability to just go into town for a couple of hours, without fighting for a seat and getting pushed around on the chicken bus. I`d pay big money to be able to spend tonight in a hotel . . . sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. With no one to wake me up because they wet the bed or because they want water or had a nightmare. Don`t get me wrong, I love my boys and most of the time I don`t mind doing the midnight cuddle and diaper change. It`s just that I`ve hit that point where I desperately need a break.

If we lived in Canada, I would get a babysitter to watch the kids while Irving and I went into Antigua. But we don`t and I don`t know anyone that I`d trust to watch the boys here. Except the in-laws and they steadfastly refuse to watch both of them at the same time. Which I would get if I had like 6 kids or something, but come on, TWO? And, I`m sorry, but going shopping with one kid is not a break, no matter how you look at it. Especially when said kid has been up since 4 am without a nap.

So, right now, I`m tired, grumpy and really at the end of my rope. The boys are playing in their room because they know that one little misstep around me will result in getting yelled at and Irving and I have already had a major fight and aren`t speaking to each other, which is just stupid, really. I need a vacation.


5 Responses to “Moms Need Vacations, Too”

  1. Connie on October 4th, 2008 10:53 am

    Praying for some sunshine! Get you all outside to go play and burn off some stress and energy!

  2. Jessica K on October 4th, 2008 9:09 pm

    Man, that is so rough. I hope you can get a break of some kind soon. I can’t believe that your inlaws won’t watch two kids at the same time. That’s crazy!
    I’m sorry it’s so rough right now. I’m praying for you guys some sunshine too.

  3. Octamom on October 4th, 2008 9:18 pm

    Hope you get a little break of some sort~that Mama Cabin Fever can be tough~

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on ‘Meet the Crew’–always good to meet new friends!


  4. Sandier Pastures on October 5th, 2008 3:21 am

    Oh my God, I hope someone is near to help you out. I’ve been in that stage when my daughter was younger (she is 5 now). I only have one but I had moments I don’t even want to recall.

    My husband stops talking to me when we fight too, which I find very childish and stupid.

    I hope things will go better for you soon!

  5. Renee on October 9th, 2008 1:22 pm

    Oh Genesis, i feel your pain, i really do. I have had those days myself…just had one last week actually. I can see how being isolated makes everyday trials and tribulations so much worse.
    I’m late in reading this, have you two made up yet? Are you on to better days?
    I really am excited to get to know you through your blog and as i said before i’m estactic to know one person in GT when i get off the plane and the panic starts to set in! If i can lend support in anyway i will be happy to, it’s the least i can do for all the info you have graciously shared!
    Hang in there!

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