My Goals for 2014

2013 didn’t go quite as planned, but it didn’t veer too crazily from my original goals. School went well, work would have if things had kept steady, and really, the only place I really fell down was the weight loss. Instead, I gained a bunch of weight. But that was the one goal I missed.

This year, I have decided that my energy levels and health need to be top priority. I’m constantly tired and that doesn’t help with productivity at all. So, I’ve been working on some dietary changes. I’ve been doing a lot of freezer meals to save time and that also makes it easier to eat better. Another helpful habit is to prep food for the week every Sunday. When there are veggies already washed and cut in the fridge, it’s very simple to throw together a salad.

When it comes to work, I need to really assess where I’m going. At the moment, I do some projects of my own and a lot of work for other sites. I think I need to spread this out more and make sure not all my eggs are in one basket, which is what brought me down last year. So, in 2014, I want to make sure that I write regularly for Constant Content, publish at least one book a month (almost reached that last year), and set up at least one website per month. I also plan to take Gourmet Mama to the next level and get some advertising going on there. The goal is to make at least $100 a month by the end of the year.

With school, I want to make sure we’re a little more active. While online classes are great, I want to do lots of experiments and field trips and basically make school a lot more exciting.

Other goals include going to Canada to visit my family, though I’m still working on the financial side of things there, and seeing more of Guatemala, such as Xela and Tikal.

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