My New Kitchen

Irving has been doing a lot of woodwork lately and one of his projects was to build a countertop for the dishwasher. It had nothing over it, which meant we had to tie it to the wall to prevent it from tipping forward when the tray was out. Also, the top was pretty much wasted space. Not anymore!

Once he did the counter for the dishwasher, he decided to keep going and came up with this:

Our ceiling is pretty low for upper cupboards, so he put in a shelf for me. It’s pretty nice to have all that extra space! The back corner counter lifts out and the gas cylinder sits down in there so we don’t have to take everything out of the cupboard to replace the gas.

He also built me a simple holder for the knife set he got me for my birthday. I love having everything accessible and right by the stove!

Here’s what my full kitchen looks like at the moment (please excuse the mess! And the pantless toddler). Irving says if I keep going, the entire house will be a kitchen. Sounds good to me! ?

6 thoughts on “My New Kitchen

  1. I have been installing cutting boards in new counter installs of late. A tile counter that has a slide-in-the-front cutting board insert. The tile is set so that slop can be pushed over on to the board and carried to the wastebasket viva the board, the board has a routered grove to catch the liquids. The board can be washed in the sink. I make the board the same size as the top of the sink opening so that one can use it in applications where I need to use a lot of water in my processing.

    You have done well with your kitchen-a dishwasher-what do your in-laws think of that decadence?

    • Heh, the dishwasher is currently non-operational, so don’t be too jealous, Carrie! Irving does the dishes around here, though, thank goodness.

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