No More Procrastination for Me

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Before I had kids, back when I lived in Antigua, I went to the gym every day, except Sundays, when it was closed (since this is a Catholic country and all). Originally, I made a pact with a roommate of mine who was super scrawny and wanted to build some muscle. I wanted to lose weight. Every morning, the first one up would wake the other and we`d walk or bike to the gym on the other side of town to work out money before heading to our volunteer job at the hospital.

My poor friend wore out the first week. She started coming just twice a week, but I was still working out 6 days a week.

Fast forward to now. I`m working at home, so don`t really leave the house, have two little kids and going to the gym just doesn`t seem too great. Sure, I`d love to go, but getting on the chicken bus to ride an hour into Antigua in the morning, work out for an hour and then ride the chicken bus back just doesn`t appeal! Irving probably wouldn`t take me on the motorbike because then we have to find someone to watch the kids for five minutes. Not to mention the Antigua gym is crowded and I`m a bit embarrassed to show up in my condition.

So. . . . I`ve been avoiding the whole gym thing. But now I have no excuse. A gym just opened here in San Juan . . . right around the corner from my house! Like a block away! :D We`re going to scope it out today and see what they have, but membership is just 100 quetzales (about $12) a month and it`s so close, I really can`t procrastinate any longer. I`m really looking forward to getting back in shape!


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  1. Gloria on September 16th, 2008 9:30 am

    Hehe, the gym opening so near…it’s a sign! Don’t be embarrassed. I see women with less than perfect body in the gym all the time. Besides, that is why we go to gym anyway. =) I understand what you meant about the kids. Here, most gyms have childminding services. But not at my home country. It’s as if in my country people don’t think mothers with kids deserves to even go to the gym! Good luck with the gym hunt. =)

  2. Expat Mom on September 16th, 2008 11:59 am

    Ha, Gloria, you`re right, it is a sign. ;) The nice thing is that since San Juan is so small, I can totally go to the gym when there aren`t many people, because . . . well, I doubt there will be many people ever! lol. I can hide out in the gym . . . oooh, and I hear they have showers, which will totally motivate me because here I have to hike to the in-laws to use their shower, which I hate . . . and which is always busy, so having the chance to shower daily at the gym will probably keep me going more than the actual weight loss.

  3. Renee on September 16th, 2008 2:27 pm

    YAY! That’s awesome, i wasn’t sure about gyms in Guatemala but once again you have answered my question! I gained weight in 2007 and could not lose it for the longest time but its starting to happen now, i just gotta keep up a steady consistant work out routine. Is the gym in Antiqua expensive? I thought i’d be running up and down a volcano for excersize. Lol…
    GOOD LUCK! Happy showering!

  4. Expat Mom on September 16th, 2008 2:43 pm

    Lol, Renee, yeah we have gyms here! There are a bunch of different ones in Antigua. I think the one where I went (which is totally cool, non-elite) is about Q150 or around $20 a month. The really “cool” place is double that, I believe . . . that`s where all those jocks who can`t walk with their arms at their sides and the ditzy blonde tourists go. Obviously not my type of place.

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