Ok, I´m Done Working Myself to Death

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I want my bathroom. But I´m really, really tired. My hand is all cramped from typing non-stop for what amounts to basically 15 hours of frantic writing. It was a hellish day, starting at 1 am when both boys were awake, I hadn´t yet slept and suddenly realized that it was a day later than I thought . . . and I had 17 articles due by noon!

Despite a rather feeble attempt to start writing a few minutes after I came to that awful realization, I ended up falling asleep on the couch . . . sort of. See, Dante was crying, Irving was dealing with him and I was attempting to catch some semblence of rest on our very, very short sofa. More of a loveseat, really. Meaning I could either sleep crunched up into a little ball, or with my legs sticking up and over the arm, which resulted in everything below the knee falling asleep and annoying leg cramps for most of the morning. So, it wasn´t really much of a sleep.

We´ve hit one of those sleep deprived moments that parents get to every once in a blue moon, when neither parent can actually wake up enough to figure out what exactly is the issue with a crying child. I´m sure many of you have been there. You are roused from sleep by a screaming baby, when you normally leap to attention at the faintest stirring of a little hand or foot. Your brain registers that someone is very upset. Your body refuses to respond. Another minute and the screams turn to an angry roar. Finally, you manage to pry your body off the soft mattress and, unable to actually force your eyes open, stumble blindly through the routine, check the diaper, cover chilly little bodies up again and then fall (literally fall) facefirst onto the bed again, barely able to register that the diaper change wasn´t quite enough to settle said baby.

While it´s bad enough if one of us reaches that point, unfortunately, both of us hit it last night. Resulting in Dante being a very disgruntled infant. I feel bad, but seriously, I couldn´t even fall off the couch! Being sick for two days and waking up all night has not done my body or brain any favors, let me tell you. Poor Dante.  And then I ignored him all day today while I feverishly tried to finish everything at once and failed miserably in all regards. I have three articles due tomorrow at noon and then I think I´m done. It´s not worth it just to have a bathroom.

I´m really hoping that at some point, moms get their brains back. We do, don´t we? Please tell me this fog and sleep deprivation isn´t permanent!


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  1. Julie on January 30th, 2008 9:13 am

    Wow. I went through the whole sleep deprivation thing and it was awful. My daughter wasn’t so bad. She was colicky for her first three months but she would sleep waking every three hours to be fed and slept through the night when she was 4 months old, (from 12am-5am) unless she was sick. And by 7 months she was great - 8:30pm-6:30am! But my son. Oh, my son! He was another story. He had acid reflux and would wake every 20 mins. as a newborn. He was a total nightmare until he was about 6 months old and then he liked to be fed twice a night. He didn’t sleep through consistently until after all his teeth came in around 16-17 months old. I am one of those people that needs sleep and even now if one of the kids is sick and I get woken up, I am a wreck the next day. When I was going through the bad sleep with my son, I found it easier just to stay up sometimes rather than get woken up by him. Getting woken up by someone (especially a screaming baby!) just feels so much worse than not having slept at all. The good news is that if you get just one night of good sleep, everything just seems so much better. Would you and your husband be able to swap nights where he lets you sleep one night and handles the boys and then you take them the next night? My husband and I used to do shifts where I would go to bed at 9pm (yes I was THAT tired!) and he would handle anything that happened until 3am and then I would take over after 3am. But, at least I got 6 solid hours and that helped a lot. Sorry I wrote you a book. It does get better - have you considered any kind of sleep training? I admit that we ended up doing a modified crying -but never left them alone- sleep training with both kids. Good luck and rest when you can. (I know, I am funny - there are zillions of things to get done!)


  2. burntofferings on January 31st, 2008 3:17 am

    You do get your brains back… Just in time for your kids to put you into a nursing home for old age!!!! :) :)

    Seriously, you do go through these moments, and it is because of these that you end up with a close bond with your children… So whilst it may seem tough now, you will reap the rewards later…

    As to you wanting a bathroom, as is well and truely underway now!!!! Good luck with the sleep!!!

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