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I`ve mentioned tidbits throughout my blog posts, but after reading numerous blogs, I`ve realized that it`s easiest for newcomers to read all the pertinent information in one place. So, here it is.

Mama (that`s me!)
I`m a 28 year old Canadian who left her home 7 years ago to travel and ended up falling for a great guy here in Guatemala. And here I stayed, learning Spanish and learning to live in a foreign culture. It hasn`t always been easy and still isn`t sometimes, but it makes for an interesting life!

Irving and I met at a hospital where we both volunteered, in 2003. Everything happened pretty fast and just six months later, we were living together in a small, one room adobe house in a tiny pueblo on the side of a volcano . . . and expecting our first baby. We were thrilled, and very sad and unhappy when I lost the baby. Two miscarriages later and I was devastated and pretty baby crazy. Then a doctor visit for something I thought was totally unrelated (bladder and kidney infections) revealed that I had an E. coli infection that may have been the cause of the miscarriages. We now have two lovely sons.

I work from home as a freelance writer.

Papa (Irving)
Irving is a great guy. He`s a year older than me and when we met, he`d never thought much about other cultures. Little did he know what a crazy life he was in for with me! I`ve shaken him up a lot, forced him to eat non-Guatemalan food and think outside his usual comfort zone. Oops. Poor guy.

Irving is a musician. He used to be a teacher, but didn`t like the job, so when he got a great gig with a band and I was earning enough to help support us, he quit and is now home almost every day with us, working at night. His band, Banda Vega, is becoming quite famous and it`s funny to walk down the street and have people recognize him. He plays sax and clarinet and is way too intelligent for his own good.

Dorian (our big boy)
Our firstborn son was born on December 14th, 2005. He had a rough start as he was born with an imperforated anus (no anal opening). He had to have a colostomy on his second day of life, in the capital. It was a very stressful time for all involved, Irving was on his own dealing with the transfer of the baby and trying to see him in the capital as I had to spend another day and a half in the hospital due to having eclampsia.

Dorian has had three surgeries in his short life, one was the colostomy at the beginning. At 7 months, he had a procedure to open the anus and connect his intestines to it and had to be dilated twice a week for several months until his final surgery (basically they pushed steel rods into his bottom to ensure the scar tissue didn`t close it again). He had the final surgery, to reverse the colostomy, when he was 14 months old.

Today, Dorian is a happy, intelligent 2.5 year old who loves to bake cookies, draw, do crafts and boss people around. He`s a classic firstborn and rather obsessive with some things. He just adores being outside, rain or shine and is in a constant state of disarray. He`s a very talkative little guy, having started with “wawa” (water) and “mama” at just 4 months old. He was babbling away in full sentences by a year and has always been quite easy to understand, which is very helpful because I`m a verbal person!

Dante (the baby)
When Dorian was just 7 months old, I discovered that I was pregnant again. Truth be told, I was NOT ready to have another baby. My body still hadn`t recovered from the first birth, we had two more surgeries to deal with with Dorian and I didn`t know how I would handle a second infant while my first was still a baby! It was a scary time.

Dante was born May 16th, 2006, just a few months after his brother`s first birthday. Dorian was not impressed with the new intruder, but once he got used to him, they were best of friends. Dante`s birth was the total opposite of Dorian`s. He was a calm baby, super easy to deal with and slept a lot . . . until he hit three months. Then it was like a switch was flicked and he became ornery and demanding . . . just like his big brother!

Dante is now walking and talking (a bit) and he is a stubborn, persistent, lovable little boy who has a very strong determination to do what he wants. He`s a real foodie, he`ll eat just about anything and lots of it! He likes to eat crayons while his brother colors, throw stuff out the door, get into the cupboards and dump stuff on the floor and generally destroy the joint.

Our baby isn`t really a baby anymore, but he still doesn`t talk much, though he`s physically almost as adept as his brother when it comes to climbing and jumping. He likes to follow Dorian around, but he`s totally capable of fighting back if his brother is being too bossy!

That`s us in a nutshell. We also have a Siberian Husky pup named Tasha who just adds to the general chaos around here! We just take each day as it comes and try to have fun with it.

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