Palm Sunday Photos

Irving didn’t have to work on Palm Sunday, so we all went to Antigua and enjoyed the procession for a little bit. There weren’t many carpets left since we went later in the afternoon, but we did see some pine ones.

These are the cucuruchus or carriers for the floats. There are hundreds of them!

I love it when they dress up the little ones in the same outfits as their dads.

This is one of the carpets that was being made when we went by.

There were no good photos of Jesus for some reason, but my sister got this one:

Women dress in white or black to carry the Mary float.

Here’s the Mary float:

After the procession has destroyed the carpets, these guys come along behind and clean up really quickly.

2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Photos

  1. The Good Friday show in the central park area is interesting. Well worth the effort. I’ve never seen 50,000 people so peaceful.

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