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I have a confession to make. I detest phones. I mean, REALLY detest them. To the point of avoiding phone calls. But something has happened that makes me think maybe I`m being totally ridiculous.

See, I applied for a writing job ages ago. They pay $20 for a short article which is pretty good and accepted a lot of articles, I could make some excellent money there. Well, “could” being the operative word here. They contacted me about a week ago and asked for a phone interview.

I thought about it. I really did. But I started imagining not being able to hear properly, with the line breaking up and my terrible hearing and then having the interviewer not understand my accent (don`t laugh, it happens even with my own family!). I thought about it for a week. And then I deleted the email. Because I just can`t handle the idea of actually doing a phone interview.

Then, today, I`m looking at writing jobs and I find a 10 day gig that pays $50 a day. Just for posting in forums, which I`ve done before and it`s pretty easy. So I`m all set to apply and there at the bottom it says “email to arrange a phone interview”. :( So I didn`t apply.

This isn`t something new. When I was little, I didn`t like to answer the phone, though I enjoyed talking on it. As a teen, my conversations were extremely limited on phones thanks to parental regulations, so I almost never talked on the phone, except for business calls, which I dreaded.

When I was pregnant with Dorian, I worked from home making calls to business owners in the US to see if they would take on Guatemalan workers. Some of them were so rude, they`d slam the phone down on me, despite having expressed an interest earlier in hiring immigrant workers. It was NOT fun and it kind of cemented my dislike for phones.

To tell you the truth, I don`t even own a phone. Irving keeps getting cheap cells for me, but I can`t hear on them and I can never remember phone numbers and it`s just a lot of unpleasantness . . . so I never use them. And they break. And then I have no way to call Irving if I need him, but I don`t really mind because it would be too hard to communicate what was going on over the phone line.

But now this is costing me work. Which seems a tad silly because I`m a ghostwriter . . . what on earth do they need to hear my voice for? If they like my writing, why not just hire me? sigh.


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  1. Connie on September 9th, 2008 4:33 am

    Some people live on the phone. They are aliens. I do not get Vonage or Skype for cheap long distance, why? Well, I’d then be expected to USE the darn thing.

    I like having a cell phone. I use it. I actually need it. I even text with it. I carry it everywhere. I even ordered a new fancy one with a PDA. But I am also really good about just letting it ring or turning it off. I feel a phone is a good tool. Not a method of socializing. Call me for info, but if you want to chat, let’s make time to get together.

    You are not alone!

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