Polyphasic Sleep and Moms

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There`s this “hot” new thing called polyphasic sleep. It`s really been around for centuries, but supposedly it can make you more productive. You sleep less and work more. I had to laugh when I read it.

Polyphasic sleep is when you sleep for several short stints during a 24 hour period. This is what is being used by some of the greatest minds? Um, what about . . . moms? What mom gets all her sleep in one chunk? It`s just so funny that there are all these studies on this and here mothers have been practicing it since the beginning of time!

And, speaking of polyphasic sleep, I`ve been trying out a new schedule where I work late at night, go to bed around 2:30 or 3 am and then get up with the boys (lately around 5:30!) and then nap with them around noon. It all adds up to about 5-6 hours a day depending on how long they sleep during their nap. It also means I`m already up for the majority of the night disturbances (Dorian has been falling out of bed a LOT lately), so I`m not having to wake up constantly to tend to upset children. It`s only been a week and a half, but so far, so good.

I`m sure this will change in a bit when the boys change their schedules or are more forgiving of Mama sitting at the computer, but for now, this is what allows me to spend the most time with them during the day and still get lots of writing done. And, since I`m naturally a night owl, this lets me work during my best hours without being too exhausted to handle children in the morning. And, I love being able to sit at my computer and work away without interruptions, in the silence of the night. It`s wonderful!


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