Pros and Cons of Being a Mom

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I love my kids, I do, but some days I just wish I didn´t have to be around them. There are days when I just want to walk out the door and go to a hotel and sleep for 24 hours straight! Today was one of those days.

But really, when I think about it, for every bad thing about being a mom, there is also something good. So I thought I´d share some of my best and worst moments with you.

The Bad vs. the Good

Temper tantrums over diaper changes vs. my 18 month old trying to change the baby on his own!

Getting hit in the face by an angry toddler vs. getting a big, juicy kiss from the same

Hearing him scream “MAMA!” when I don´t get his milk this very second vs. Hearing him scream “MAMA!” when he falls down and needs comforting

2 am feedings vs. 2 am smiles from a full, contented baby

Getting up at 4 am to clean up vomit vs. getting up at 4 am to get work done before the kids wake up

Listening to Barney sing “I love you” for the umpteenth time vs. hearing my toddler sing “I love you” for the first time.

Changing two dirty diapers in a row, one on each kid vs. seeing my toddler take an interest in a toilet for the first time.

Plus some of my favorite mom moments:

- The look on my 18 month old´s face when he realized that we were going to buy him a pinwheel that he had been admiring. Pure. Joy. :D

- The soft, cuddly weight of my newborn in his fuzzy sleepers.

- That wonderful, sleepy baby smell that tiny infants have. Too bad they lose it so quickly.

- Having my toddler pat my arm and tell me, “Don´t cry, Mama. It´s ok.”

- Hearing my little boy laugh with delight when he discovers a new ability like screwing on a bottle top, and then he has to show me how well he does and clap his hands and say “Bravo!”

What are your favorite mom moments? Do you have your own bad vs. good scenario to add?


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