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Dorian is learning about prefixes and suffixes in school, but he’s had a rough time trying to understand them. I did some research over spring break and found this fun idea. So I adapted it slightly and set up a prefix/suffix forest on the laundry room wall out in the breezeway. He got the concept quickly and Dante learned about word parts, too.

We’ll be adding new words to these trees and new prefixes and suffixes until I’m sure he fully understands.

Another project we worked on was chore charts. I drew a frame in marker on cardstock and had the boys decorate their own charts. Then I drew lines in the middle and we covered them with clear contact paper. I used Velcro dots to stick them to the fridge and magnets to attach a ribbon to hold the dry erase marker. Each day, I’ll fill in any new chores that need to be done and the boys check them off as they complete each task.

I’ve also been playing with food lately. Like these potato encrusted chicken nuggets with sweet potato fries. I had a tough time getting a photo because the kids were all over these! Dorian said they were the “Best chicken nuggets EVER!” and Dante said, “I never want to go to Pollo Campero again!” Pretty high praise from my picky eaters.

I’ll be adding links as I put the recipes up on Gourmet Mama.

Dominic has been obsessed with cookies lately and since we don’t usually have cookies in the house, I decided to try those two ingredient cookies with banana and oats. One cup of mashed bananas mixed into one cup of rolled oats and baked for 15 minutes at 350° and you have really delicious little cookies that the boys gobbled up so fast I had to make another batch!

I also made these carrot “cookies” which are really crackers. Again, big hit and they are good for you with whole grains, carrots and olive oil. Yum!

mini crackers

What have you been up to?

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