Semana Santa and Sisters

This is the busiest time of year around here. Irving, his dad and his youngest brother are all rushing here and there to play in processions and vigils around Antigua and the capital. Add to this the fact that Irving and Melvin are also in a band that continues to have gigs every weekend and we barely see the guy these days.

It will only get worse as we reach the actual Semana Santa. Then Irving will be playing in processions that last up to 18 hours, only to finish and grab a tuk tuk to the next one. He rarely sleeps during the week and food is minimal, usually sandwiches handed out by the band leaders. This year, we have the added challenge of his diabetes. The white bread sandwiches and packaged cookies that they usually give the musicians are definitely not what he needs to be eating. I’m still working on that puzzle. Back before kids, I used to walk with the processions and bring him food and drink, holding the stuff while he played. That hasn’t been an option for years now.

semana santa antigua

My sister, Sarah, is coming down tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve had someone here during Semana Santa, so we will be doing the tourist thing and dragging three kids through the streets to see the processions and carpets. I guess after living here for so long, the novelty has worn off and now I tend to see Semana Santa as more of a nuisance, but it really is spectacular. The boys have only been to Antigua once during this week (twice if you count the long walk with Dorian when he was 4 months old), so it should be interesting to see how they react. They have music flowing in their veins, so I suspect they will enjoy it.

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