Semana Santa is Here!

My least favorite time of year has arrived, Semana Santa. There’s a few reasons I don’t like this season, but the main one is that Irving is basically gone for an entire week. I’m not too keen on hauling three kids into Antigua on my own, so I had no plans to see anything remotely related to the processions.

However, my friend, Claudia, had other plans. :) She has two daughters of her own and invited me to come out with them on Thursday, one of the busiest times in Antigua. That’s when the best carpets are set up and the most amazing processions happen. I thought about it, let her know how nervous I am about it and she suggested that her girls could help keep track of wild boys. So it’s a date. I may regret this . . .

As happens every year, the rainy season made its debut last night. Irving was in a procession, so he got soaked! My basil and rosemary plants were sure happy though.

Normally, I prepare for Semana Santa, stocking up on little toys and activities to do throughout the week so we don’t get too stir-crazy, but for some reason this year, I forgot! Oops. So we’re making do with homemade sidewalk chalk, exploding vinegar bags and lots and lots of water in bins for scooping and splashing. Plus, Minecraft, of course.

Dorian was sick most of last week and it looks like he’s rather anemic now, so we are working on that, as well. His lips and gums are very pale and he’s been tired lately. While we will be taking him to the doctor again after this week is over, I’m giving him plenty of iron-rich foods for now. Think my picky eater will go for some liver? ?

I’m thinking that next year, the boys will be older and it will be even easier to get out and about. We’ll see. Semana Santa may end up being more exciting in years to come, when we can walk the processions with Irving like I did until Dante was born!

In the meantime, I’m going to be working on all the jobs that I foolishly took on and trying to prep some exciting contests and classes for the essential oils. There’s no shortage of things to do!

Are you in Antigua for Semana Santa? What are your thoughts on it?

5 thoughts on “Semana Santa is Here!

  1. Semana Santa in Antigua is too crowded for my taste. We´ll be going into the mountains this year!
    As for Dorian´s anemia: iron is best absorbed when it´s coupled with vitamin C. It´s a very Guatemalan custom to eat “hierbas” with chile. I´m not sure Dorian would like chile, but just be sure to add some lime and orange to his diet, which is pretty easy considering how hot it is and how much limeade and orangeade he´ll want to drink. Also, add pepitoria, salt and lime juice to any salad ingredients or just sprinkle pepitoria over an orange. Pepitoria is a good source of protein and several minerals, including iron.

    • Thanks for the tips, Monica. Another friend suggested hierbas, as well. :) I’ve been loading him up with spinach and tomatoes, too.

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