September 15 is Independence Day!

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Here in Guatemala, today is Independence Day. It`s huge. Schools practice all year for this day and their bands, all beautifully uniformed, are marching through the streets of Antigua today. Concerts, plays and the lighting of the torch are all going on in the Parque Central. And I`m not there to see it. :(

You see, Dante and I have been feeling pretty lousy the past few days. He got the bug first and was unhappy and fussy and not sleeping for 3 days. When I caught it, I realized why my poor baby was so sad. It`s the worst virus EVER!!!

I`m on my third day of this nasty sucker (Dante is doing fine now, I`m holding out hope) and I woke up this morning WORSE than the previous three days. I`ve got a horrid stomachache, my bones feel like they are being ripped apart and my skin is so sensitive that my clothes bother it. I actually woke Irving this morning (after he got in at 4 am . . . he hasn`t slept in nearly three days!) because I couldn`t deal with the pain anymore. The poor guy couldn`t find anything here in San Juan, so he went in to Antigua and searched until he found a pharmacy that was open to bring me Immodium and pain killers. What a sweetie! The pills helped, but I`m still super dizzy and not doing a lot. Which means the possibilities of going into town for the celebrations is pretty low.

The worst part? This year we have two kids who would TOTALLY enjoy watching school bands go by and waving their flags. We haven`t ever gone before with the kids, so it`s a big deal and I was really hoping that we could enjoy today as a family. As it is, I`m huddled up in pain, Dorian is off getting dirty with Tasha, and Irving and Dante are snoring away. Sigh.

I think I`m going to try to get us into town anyway after lunch and naps. Even if it`s only for a few minutes. The worst that can happen is I collapse, right?


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  1. Christine on September 15th, 2008 11:36 am

    Ugh, I’m sorry you are sick. What a bummer. What brought you to Guatemala?

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