Sewing Lessons

I’ve been getting back into sewing lately and my projects have sparked the boys’ interest. One day, last week, I was stitching away and Dante came to ask if he could try. He wanted to make a rather complicated doll, so I suggested something simpler. He decided on a Minecraft Steve and we set to work drafting the pattern and cutting out the pieces.

It ended up being nearly as complicated as the original plan! However, he was determined, so he made Steve for Dominic and a Minecraft zombie for himself. Then he got to work, learning how to use the sewing machine. It’s tricky stuff, so I helped with the facial details, but he did the rest.

Next up, stuffing and hand sewing the opening up. Dante is already familiar with hand sewing, so that part was simple. He was amazed at how much stuffing had to go into each stuffy, though!

The finished product!

He was very proud of himself and the very next day, he made a pattern for shorts with my help and then sewed up his very own pair of shorts, which he has worn several times already.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Lessons

  1. A true cutting edge mother you are indeed. My mother taught me how to use a needle and thread but I think it was more about being sick of putting my buttons back on after they ‘fell’ off. My hat is off to you and your gifted son on this one.

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