Six Additions

Those who know me fairly well know that I’m a back-to-the-land kinda girl at heart. I’m not ready to live 100% off the grid, but I do want to grow my own food and be more self-sufficient. That’s easier said than done when living on a tiny bit of land that is mostly house!

However, a couple of weeks ago, we took a giant leap forward in this regard. We got six chicks that will grow up to be laying hens.

I’ve wanted chickens for years, but Irving was a little iffy on the whole idea. We had super limited space and he was worried they’d stink. But I had something on him this time, since he brought home three rabbits for the boys recently! When I found the chicks in the market, I told him that we needed to take some home and he was going to have to build an enclosure that very afternoon. He reluctantly agreed, I purchased my chickens and off we went.

Irving quickly rigged up a chicken run and we were in business! Dominic loves to sit on a chair and watch the chicks peck around in the dirt. He says, “This is the best movie ever!”

Apparently Macroft agrees, since he sits for hours outside the fence watching the chicks, too!

These little girls have grown quickly and started to fly the coop pretty fast! After we had one go missing (she decided to visit the neighbors for the afternoon), I had to go ahead and clip their wings. That was nervewracking, but they didn’t seem to mind too much, especially since they had lots of snuggles first and food after.

More on the Panajachel trip coming. I’ve been a bad blogger since I’m rushing to finish up my Pitch Challenge and getting several projects off the ground!

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