Spanish Lessons Online

I love that my kids have grown up in a bilingual household. They speak English and Spanish fluently and are able to communicate their feelings easily with both languages. Even if you didn’t grow up with the benefit of speaking two languages, there are quite a few options available, including online lessons.

One of my teachers and a good friend is offering classes online. She’s pretty awesome and is the main reason I don’t speak like the street kids I picked my Spanish up from. She’s also a work at home mom of two. If you’re interested in learning Spanish, she offers both online classes and offline ones (if you’re in Guatemala), so there’s plenty of options!

Online classes run $8/hour and offline ones are $4/hour, but she’s offering a free trial, so you might want to take advantage of that!


3 thoughts on “Spanish Lessons Online

  1. Hi, I’m Norm’s wife. I am interested in taking advanced Spanish online classes starting at the end of March.

  2. I just did a free trial with her and plan on starting online classes with her starting on the 24th! She was awesome! Thanks for advertising (I’ve been following your blog for a little bit!).


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