Starting Over

From the time Dorian was a few months old, I?ve been working as a freelance writer. Back at the end of 2011, one of my gigs turned into a full time job, though I was paid by project and I was essentially made manager of a team of writers. It was great, at first. I was working long hours, but it was ok, because I needed the money for Dominic?s arrival. Things kept getting more and more complicated, though and attempts to adjust the situation didn?t work as well as hoped.

As a result, I was completely and utterly burned out by the time Dominic made his arrival and while I?d planned to take a week off, I ended up with three weeks off because of the assorted complications from the surgery. I have to say that my boss was very understanding of this. When I went back, however, things were still stressful and after realizing that there was no way I could handle a newborn with his constant feeding and deadlines, I made the decision to leave the job completely. Irving has Lent processions and Semana Santa is coming up, plus he is in a new band, so we discussed it and decided that he will be the one to focus on earning for now while I focus on family.

This opens up a whole new world to me. I?ve been working so much for the past several years that I feel like I?ve completely missed chunks of Dorian and Dante?s childhood. I didn?t want to do that with Dominic and I want to be able to enjoy my kids. And now I can.

The best part? Over the past five years, I?ve been working on Squidoo, slowly building up my collection of lenses and my earnings. At this point, I have enough passive income coming in to survive even if I do nothing more to earn. The plan is to gradually build that up to have enough passive income to not just survive but to live decently without worries. But, I will be doing that in between dealing with life, homeschooling, and loving on my boys.

I?m also hoping that at some point, I can finish writing a novel that has been bouncing around in my head for ages now. Late nights spent with the baby strapped to my chest could be just what I need to get the story written down. We shall see.

Most of all, I?m looking forward to enjoying my kids instead of being frustrated with them for distracting me when I have to work. Irving says he?s seen such a difference in me in the past few weeks when I haven?t been working . . . ?you?re actually relaxed and nice to be around.? The boys have also commented that I?m not as mean, something that makes me realize that this really did have to happen. Even if we are living simpler, it?s worth it to have the chance to prove to my sons that I can be a nice mom, too!

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