Succumbing to the Plague and Other Tidbits

We’re all sick around here. There’s this really nasty cold that darts in when you’re nearly over a minor cold and makes you wish you could curl up and sleep for the next month. It’s bad. The kids and I are coughing up lungs and while they still seem to be functioning, I feel like someone ran me over a few times with a truck.

Seriously, where do kids get all their energy? They’re sick with the exact same thing, yet all three are running around the living room and screaming and yelling and generally being crazy. I feel like hiking to the kitchen to make breakfast is too much. Someone definitely needs to invent an energy siphon for parents to use on kids.

In other news, Dominic took his first two steps on December 31st. He hasn’t walked alone since, but he wants to get up and walk holding a finger or two instead of crawl everywhere now.

We’ve taken down the decorations and the tree is sitting naked (this seems awfully familiar) and waiting for Irving to stuff it in a bag and store it again. He’s been working, so that hasn’t happened yet, but today is the day. I’m ready to have a clean house again. Not that a house with three children is ever actually clean.

On Christmas Day, Dante was bit by one of the nasty dogs that the in-laws are keeping for my sister-in-law who will not take them to her new house. I was furious, as was Irving. It turned into a very big thing, though Dante was not badly hurt and more scratched and scared than anything, but the fact that they were defending the dog made me so angry. It was tied of for a grand total of 5 days and then let loose again. We didn’t go to the Christmas dinner and the boys have been kept home where I can be sure idiots won’t be risking their safety for the love of a rather vicious dog (all three dogs have gone after me several times before). While this was a bite to the back, I can only imagine if Dominic is toddling around and those dogs decide to act like a pack and take him down. They’re small, but they could certainly hurt a small child very badly.

This has served as extra motivation for me to get the land down the street and get out of here. In the meantime, we are putting up a door to keep kids in and dogs out, which means the boys are now limited to a very small space to play in.

On the other hand, having them very close all the time means we play more together. On New Year’s Day, Irving had to go to his grandfather’s funeral (his grandfather died on December 31) and so I played board games (that the boys invented and made) with the kids, beat them both in laser tag with a baby on my hip and basically just had a lot of fun. Not much work was accomplished, but we had a blast and I think it was the best way we could have started the year.

Now to get everyone healthy again and prep for school, which starts on January 15th around here. We’ll be starting on the 14th, since I like to start on Monday. The boys aren’t terribly enthusiastic about this, but they don’t know what I have planned for this year! I want to start every day with an art or craft project or a science experiment so that they’ll be excited about starting. Of course, before that, they’ll have a longer than before chore list, so they probably won’t be too thrilled about that part of things, but they’re old enough to start taking more responsibility around here.

5 thoughts on “Succumbing to the Plague and Other Tidbits

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re all ‘down and almost out’ with that bug – hopefully, it will pass soon and everyone can be healthy again!!

    As for the house, it is clean, just messy, there’s a differnece!! :)

    Being a dog owner, we have SO many responsibilities, and dog control is a main one! I can not believe, that they are ‘protecting’ a dog that bit Dante!!! I bet, that had it been someone elses dog, someone unknown to the family, they would want the dog to be held accountable!! If a dog is declared ‘dangerous’ or attacks someone, it is destroyed… Sad, but there really isn’t much more that can be done!

    All the very best for 2013!!!!

  2. Even if it had been OUR dog, they would have been horrified. Such double standards. The actual owner’s husband offered to build a kennel so the dogs are contained, but my MIL said no because she doesn’t want to be the one cleaning the kennel out. :P

    I don’t dislike dogs, but when they aren’t trained at all and are allowed to attack people (when I complained the 3 dogs wouldn’t let me pass to the car, my MIL told me to carry a stick), it’s pretty hard to enjoy them.

    You’re right, the house is more cluttered than unclean, heh. But the tree is now gone, woohoo!

    Have a great year, too.

  3. I am also very sick-as my father, who has the same thing you guys have. It seems to just linger in the lungs. I had a small fever a couple of hours ago but went away.

  4. My goodness! I hope those dogs have their vaccinations up to date. Is there any sort of government department that would be in charge of inspecting dangerous dogs? I cannot imagine I would defend any dog attacking my grandkids or nephews. Jeez. Anyhow, hope you all get better soon.

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