Terrible News for New Mommies

Posted on July 13, 2007 - Filed Under Body, Mom Stuff, Personal |

I just read that lack of sleep can make you fat.


Like moms with newborns need something else to worry about! Here I am, trying to lose the baby weight from two kids and basically not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time and they tell me that this will make me fatter?!?

The worst part is that it´s true! I just measured myself yesterday and I´m (sob) an inch bigger around the waist than I was three weeks ago! It´s so not fair. I´m scared to go into Antigua today and weigh myself. I´ve probably gained ten pounds.

Yesterday, I started a diet. No more carbs after noon. Lots of protein. And heaps of salad. Irving heard this and said, “You can´t expect me to live off salad!” Of course not. I will be preparing luscious, fatty food for my family while I nibble on rabbit food.

That, combined with Dorian´s and my new exercise routine (jumping and spinning and waving our arms) set to Raffi´s top hits (Octupus´s garden is great for doing squats) will hopefully help me get some of this belly fat off. I hope.

The gym seems so far out of reach these days. I don´t know when I could go, because it is basically an hour of travel each way, plus an hour at the gym. That´s three hours lost! And who will look after the kids?

Ah, the saga continues.

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