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Remember the list of projects I wanted to get done before Christmas? Well, I´ve finally gotten around to starting on one. :P Yesterday, we went into town and I bought some yarn to start that great snowflake afghan. Just one ball of white and one of blue.

See, this time around, I´m being smart. Instead of buying all the yarn at once and then realizing that I can´t follow the pattern (frequently happens to me), the idea is to try it with just one motif to see if I can do it nicely. Then, once I have it figured out, I´ll go buy the rest.

The problem is that the afghan isn´t really top priority, but it´s something I have wanted to do for over a year! Since it will take the longest to make out of all the projects, it is getting started now.

Crochet isn´t the only thing I´m doing. In fact, this is going to be a week of craftiness because I discovered a site called Swap Bot and have joined in a few swaps . . . probably too many and most of the stuff has to go out by the 16th . . . as in, 3 days from now. So I will be awfully busy. Plus the Autumn Goody Swap is good to go, so I´m just putting the final touches on the package for my partner, Lisa. There is lots of edible stuff, but to me Autumn Goodies means more than munchies, so I´m tucking in a few more surprises. I´ll tell you more once she has the package, don´t want to give anything away!

Other projects on the roster for this week include making a booklet of sudoku and crossword puzzles for another swap, plus some earrings, which I plan to do with bread/glue dough. It is really simple, you just mush up storebought white bread with a bit of white school glue and you have some beautiful clay to work with that dries very hard, but delicate. Perfect for earrings.

Also, Dorian and I plan to make some fun projects this week from the Art Attack website. I am a big fan of Art Attack, but we never have the stuff to make anything. So yesterday, I bought tempera paints, googly eyes and paintbrushes as well as some blank notepads for us to work with. Should be lots of fun!


2 Responses to “Testing My Mad Skills”

  1. Jennifer on October 13th, 2007 10:00 am

    I put the finishing touches on my package, too. This was so much fun & your package should be on the way this coming week! I hope you enjoy everything!

    Happy Weekend & good luck with all those projects!

    Jennifer :-)

  2. Genesis on October 14th, 2007 10:28 am

    Yay! Thanks. I´m really excited about this swap. I´ll be posting photos of my projects as I get them done.

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