The Advent Calendar

I’ve wanted to make an advent calendar for a few years now. It’s one of those things I keep trying to get done and then December rushes up and in my terrible state of non-organization, it’s too late. Last year, I started one. I embroidered numbers on 24 little pockets and bought the fabric for the rest of it. Then someone got into the pockets, someone else cleaned up and tossed some of them . . . and I was too discouraged to bother redoing it.

This year, I was determined. I started on November 30th. Usually, I do very well with last minute deadlines, but this project was tough. Irving has been gone a lot lately, so trying to get sewing time when a baby isn’t attempting to pull cables out of the machine is pretty tough. It took me 8 days to get to the point where it is usable.

In that period of time, I lost 2 of the buttons that were for the tree, so I had to replace them with brown ones. Oh well. There are no numbers on the pockets. Oh well. I’ll add those for next year. And Dante, when he saw it, cocked his head and said, “There’s something wrong with this tree, Mama.” I figured he meant those weirdly placed buttons at the top, from when I figured I’d do things randomly and then gave up and did a pattern. (I’ll go back and fix those. Next year.)

But no, he was referring to the jagged edges of each layer of tree. He thought those ought to be smooth. I told him they’re supposed to look like that and it took me HOURS to sew around all those darn angles and curves, so that’s that.

Now we need ornaments. I was going to make them out of felt, but . . . I think we might just print them this year and use paper ones. Yeah, totally not an Alpha mom here!

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