The Bagel Invasion

In the whirlwind of negative stuff that is happening around here lately, (far more than just the Guate-Publications thing) I’ve been baking up a storm, which resulted in a rather funny story.

I’d run out of yeast, so Irving bought me another bag. The first time I used it was to make some whole wheat bread and the kids and I ended up watching this stuff bubble and grow like a crazy alien lifeform. It was amazing. And very, very active. The bread turned out beautifully and I was thrilled.

The other day, I got an order for two dozen bagels and set to work making them. The first batch came out so incredibly puffy that they were more buns than bagels! I thought maybe I had let the dough rise too much or hadn’t put in enough flour. So I made some more.

They came out the same way! I was getting frustrated, since it was after midnight and I still had a bunch of writing to do. Making bagels is somewhat time consuming, of course, so I wasn’t getting a lot of writing done.

I chatted with my sister who suggested that I should try halving the yeast since it was so darn active. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?

So, I cut the yeast by half and presto! Perfect bagels. I whipped up the rest of them and got to bed by 1:30.

The end result was a whopping 35 bagels that were so unlike bagels they couldn’t be sold. On the plus side, we have lunch for the next week!

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