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As everyone knows, I totally need more projects to keep me busy. So, I’ve started to work more on a site that I’ve actually had for a year and have been mucking about with from time to time. I recently revised my main writing site, Ink Your Way and it seemed natural to build up the side blog, too. The “new” blog is called The Expat Freelancer and as the name implies, it’s mainly for expats who are looking to earn a living writing.

Part of the reason this all came about now is that I joined Gumroad’s Small Product Lab and my product is a pricing guide for freelance writers. It ties in perfectly with the website, so I figured I’d start building it up again. I’m really enjoying working on this side of things, teaching people instead of just writing for them.

That being said, writing is going fairly well. I am working on a number of client projects, some exciting, some not-so-much, but there’s at least a steady stream of work, for which I am grateful!



2 thoughts on “The Expat Freelancer

  1. Hello and good afternoon. I am Anthony. I am an expat who has transitioned from NYC. This is my 3rd year in Antigua Guatemala and I started reading your expatmom blog shortly after moving to Antigua.

    When I started traveling outside the states back in 2009, I started writing about my country/hotel/restaurant explorations for tripadvisor. Now, after reading your latest post I think I will start thinking more seriously about how i could start “inking my way” and earning a little money. I love sharing my hotel finds/things to do/people to meet and tips for people but off of the beaten path.

    Well, you have done it, you have provided me with some guidance/input in your latest post and I would like to say thank you.

    In the spirit of helping and providing guidance for me, I would like to make a small contribution/donation of Q25 to your friend who was hospitalized if she still needs medication for her injury or financial help with the hospital bills/food.

    Thanks again and have a pleasant day.

    • I’m glad I inspired you, Anthony. You can definitely share your insights on your own site and monetize it. People enjoy finding new, off the track information.

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