The First Day of School

I?m a terrible blogger these days. I?ve taken so few photos and they are ALL still on my camera. And I didn?t take any photos today, which was the first day of school for the boys. Dorian has been sick, so we are a week behind.

We made the day special by getting out some dinosaur pencils and erasers that I got in Canada, but the boys were most excited about Papa helping with the teaching! He?s doing math and music, but he helped with the other subjects, too. In fact, he showed us how to do a traditional project from the schools here, where you roll bits of tissue paper into tiny balls with your forefinger and thumb and then glue them to lines. We did the boys? names because they are still not proficient in writing their own names. Dorian, interestingly enough, could roll with both hands, no problem, whereas even I have issues doing that! I think he might ambidextrous like his aunt and grandmother.

Dante had trouble sitting still for that long, so he was up and down, which is fine, because he concentrates better that way. He spent a large chunk of his time drawing pictures of what we were doing, instead of actually doing the projects. Dorian, on the other hand, was super focused and very meticulous about doing his work well. He takes being in Grade 1 very seriously.

I headed to work at 8:45 and Irving began to work on math with the kids. He finished his planned lesson, but they were all having so much fun, they kept going for another 45 minutes! Guess we?ll be a mathematical household!

Overall, the first day of school was a success and will hopefully continue like this!

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