The First Month

I can?t believe Dominic is almost 5 weeks old already. It?s gone by in the blink of an eye! We took him to the doctor today and he is perfectly healthy, but we didn?t get a weight since the nurse hadn?t arrived yet and she had the key to the office. He?s getting chunky, though!

A look back at the month and who Dominic is, now that we?re really getting to know him.

- He has slept twice for 7 hour stints. The first time I was awake for half, thinking he?d be up any minute, but the second (last night!), I took full advantage.

- He has a sort of schedule, sleep from 6:30 or 7 pm until midnight, get up for a couple of hours, but pretending to sleep so we?ll go back to bed and then wake up again. Around 3-4 he falls asleep again. Sometimes, if I?m particularly worn out, I will just nurse him in bed and we both get some rest.

- Smiles! Dominic LOVES to smile at his big brothers. Dorian gets the most smiles in the family, Dante the second most. Irving is runner up and I?m a distant last . . . perhaps because I spend most of my time feeding him instead of playing with him.

- He even laughed the other day when he was trying to climb Irving?s stomach. Irving lay on the bed and had Dominic propped up against his stomach. Dominic would stiffen his legs to sort of stand/lean on his papa and grin as he tried to scramble up. I think that?s why he got so worn out and slept for so long last night.

- He spends about 5 hours a day awake, in chunks throughout the day and night and he doesn?t like to stay still. If you put him in the bouncy chair, you had better be ready to scoot it around every few minutes for a new view or there will be screaming! He loves being outdoors, so we sometimes put him out there in his seat and Irving sits with him and plays music.

- He likes funeral marches. He?s totally a papa?s boy!

- Irving is the only person who can get him to burp.

- He screams any time Irving?s mother holds him. I won?t say anything about that except . . . that?s my boy!

- He prefers to be held upright, sleep sitting up and generally just be with his head higher than the rest of his body. You could say he?s STILL breech. I know now that we never would have gotten him head down.

The poor kid has also worn pajamas or onesies his entire life. We finally got some pants for him today. I guess this is one of those third born things . . . the first gets cute outfits galore, the second has a few handmedowns and the third gets sleepers. Sorry, Dominic!

We?re tired, but enjoying our family of five.

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