The Grass (Or Soup) Is Always Greener

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Dorian has been really picky about food recently and yet he keeps coming back from the in-laws with chunks of chicken or mashed potatoes on his face. But more frequently, they give him cookies and candies instead, though the candy isn`t as common these days, thank goodness.

Tonight, I whipped up a nice creamy spinach soup. It consisted of carrots (3), potatoes (3) and spinach (2 handfuls) in a chicken broth base, with a little oregano thrown in. And a couple of onions. I blended it all together and it made a very tasty, creamy and no-fat soup that we ate for dinner. Everyone that is except Dorian. He told me over and over that he didn`t like it . . . without even trying it!

We also had a very popular drink, horchata, for dinner and he wanted more, so I told him he could have more if he tasted just a little bit of the soup. He dipped his pinkie in and tasted a little dot. I gave him a bit more horchata. The next time, though, I asked him to eat ONE tiny spoonful. He actually got down from the table! He was having none of it. So I let him go without dinner.

BUT. As soon as he got down, Dorian headed out the door. Irving told him he had to come back soon and he said yes and ran off. As I was clearing the dishes, I suddenly thought of something.

“How much do you want to bet he went to eat at his abuelos`?” I asked Irving who started to laugh. He had done the same thing as a child. Well, I wasn`t about to let Dorian get away with eating cookies instead of his healthy dinner, so I went after him. As I neared the other house, I could hear him, plain as day asking his tia, “I`m hungry, can I have bread, please?”

When confronted with this, he told me, “I want to eat HERE!” HA. He was marched right back to our house and told he could either eat soup here or bread, or not eat at all. He`s chosen not to eat. :P

Irving thinks I`m a bit of a nazi on this and maybe I am, but I don`t plan to cook meals that no one eats! If he isn`t happy with the food, that`s fine, I usually do make things that he likes and he still won`t eat more than a mouthful or two. When I was growing up, there was a rule in my house, if you didn`t eat your meal, you ate it for the next meal, and so on and so forth. My little sister hated beans so much that she just wouldn`t eat until they got moldy and my mom had to throw them out. I`m not about to go to that extreme, but I do expect my children to try things and to eat what is provided rather than looking for other food.

What are the rules for eating in your house? Do you make a big deal out of it or does anything go?


3 Responses to “The Grass (Or Soup) Is Always Greener”

  1. Connie on September 24th, 2008 2:30 am

    My kids have to try things… that’s been my rule forever and so they are pretty good at it now. If they really do not like it, after a GOOD try, they don’t have to eat it. Even if they tried it before - tastes change, veggies taste different depending on when they are picked, way of cooking the same thing greatly affect taste. I remind them that I try to make things they like most of the time, but sometimes we have different foods because mom and dad like them, or I want to try and see if we can find a new favorite food. Don’t know unless we try! I’m also honest if I don’t like something - there are things I don’t like, but will eat anyway because they are healthy, and there are things I simply cannot stand.. and will not eat, because you should not have to gag food down if it is that bad. Gotta try though.

    I also insist on a certain amount of fruit and veg be eaten, no matter what. And I explain WHY - because they need all the vitamins in the different foods to be healthy, not get sick or an upset tummy, and not have (sorry to be graphic) hard poo. This makes sense to them. I don’t think they’d go for a “Because I said so” rule, or even “Kids are starving, you should feel lucky to have food” (then why not GIVE them this food?). We rarely have dessert - when we do, DINNER is a must before sweets are allowed. Sweets are not taboo at all in our house, but real food comes first.

    I could see letting a child run to grandma’s table… ONLY IF grandma followed the same rule (real food before junk food)… wish I could have done so when I was a kid :-)

  2. Bemis on September 24th, 2008 6:12 am

    Good for you! I’m a former lurker on your blog, but I had to comment here. I don’t have my own kids yet, but it especially bothers me when kids refuse to eat dinner, but then are allowed sweets or something else that they want later because they’re ‘hungry’. Maybe it’s just because I grew up required to eat everything on my plate (and at least try a little bit of everything). But now I have the good fortune of being able to eat pretty much anything and even enjoy most of it…definitely a plus in a different culture!

  3. Jessica K on September 25th, 2008 7:38 pm

    Good for you making him eat at your house! Our rules are basically the same as Connie’s. Since we’ve had the same rules since Grayson was two, they are both used to them. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the occasional battle over veggies, especially green, leafy ones! Keep at it, and it will pay off! :)

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