The Little Sewing Machine That . . . Uh, Couldn`t

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I know, I said I wouldn`t be posting, right? Guess what? I can`t stay away. You guys are addicting. Either that or I`m just a sorry loser who has no real life friends and whose main conversations throughout the day center around whether or not dirt is for eating and how poop in a diaper is disgusting and poop in a potty is not. Anyway.

After my little midnight panic last night, I totally couldn`t sleep and so, to help me calm down and all, I wrote out a really ambitious to do list for today. :S A word of advice. Never (and I do mean NEVER) write a to do list at 1 am. It`s just not sane.

Here`s a glimpse of my midnight scrawlings . . .
- Write blogs (currently 7 paid ones)
- Write At Home Mom article
- Write turkey article
- Finish web content due today
- Fix sewing machine
- Shopping list
- Make puppets
- Plan gift list
- Make Memory game cards
- Plan Dorian`s birthday (he`s THREE in less than a month!)
- Make star mobiles for boys
- Wash clothes (by hand, since the washer woman quit)
- Clean Dorian`s room (it was up to the ankles in books and dirty clothes

There was a lot of other stuff, mostly involving gifts of people who read this blog . . . stuff like a crocheted scarf and two super smoking bags. In other words, a month`s worth of work. To be done in one day.

The sewing machine thing has been on my to do list forever. See, Irving used to put it up on top of our wardrobe. I can`t even reach up there and the sewing machine that I have is pure iron and weighs a ton. So I couldn`t get it down by myself, which just sucked because the only time I sew is when he`s not here. So I asked him not to do that and I set up a sewing table and everything and I even actually sewed there.

Until Irving decided that his sound equipment simply MUST be in the bedroom (why, I`m not sure, since he`s never in there except to sleep . . ) and my sewing table was perfect for it. To be fair, he DID consider my previous request not to put my sewing machine out of reach, so he did me one better . . . he put it in reach of EVERYONE! As in, small boys everyone.

I was totally oblivious until Dante and Dorian paraded out of the room one morning, about four months ago, all proud of themselves and handing me odds and ends. It took me a while to figure out where this tiny broken lightbulb and assorted springs and screws had come from.

The machine was torn apart, at least the pedal and front part. That poor, poor sewing machine, which says Singer on the side, but really is just a copycat machine, had seen me through four years. Through running my own store with baby clothes and assorted sewn bags and wallets, through custom sewing through six layers of heavy Guatemalan fabric for bus seat covers and through countless curtain orders. But it just couldn`t stand up to my little destroyers.

Today, I asked Irving to pull all the bits and pieces (which he supposedly stored) and I would start working on it. Well, we found out immediately that nothing worked. Irving mucked around for a bit and ended up getting this huge spider nest thingie out of the gears and the needle would go up and down. But the pedal was a lost cause. It`s basically just the bottom part of the pedal. He tried sticking another, older sewing machine pedal on there, but it didn`t work either. So here I sit, waiting for kids to wake up so he can resume his rather noisy attempts to fix a machine that, in my humble opinion, shouldn`t have even been broken. sigh. Oh well. At least I can start on the cross-stitch.


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