The Magic of Mom

One of the things I seriously love about being a mom is that my kids know I?m going to be there for them, no matter what. If they fall down and get hurt, they know I will hug them, kiss their owie and put a bandaid on it. They know that Mama will stay up all night if they?re sick and puking, to sit with them.

When I was little and got sick, my mom was awesome. She would hold my hair back while I puked (poor Mom!), bring me water to rinse out my mouth and when I was just plain miserable, I remember her sitting beside my bed, reading to me until I fell asleep. She would make up a bed on the couch if I was really sick and if I called out for her in the night, she would come running to be with me and make me feel better. Even when I was really sick, her presence made me feel safe and I knew I was going to be ok.

Dorian has been sick over the past week. It started out with giardia, but we caught it fairly quickly and he was treated. He started to feel better almost immediately and that was that. Or so we thought. Today, he didn?t eat anything and he had a lot of gas last night. When Dorian gets too much gas, his belly swells up like a balloon and he can?t get any of it out. It can be a dangerous situation and one that has sent him to the hospital twice now.

So, when he started feeling worse in the late morning, Irving decided to take him to the doctor to get him checked out and to make sure we caught anything early enough to treat it before major interventions were necessary. By the time he got Dorian in to see the doctor, the poor kid was vomiting. Irving called to tell me that he thought the doctor would send them straight to the hospital, which freaked me out because I wasn?t with them and Dorian has never gone into the hospital without his mama by his side. I felt awful!

Fortunately, our doctor knows how badly Dorian does in the hospital and agreed that he would be better off at home and we could give him an enema if required, but he also had some medication to help reduce the gas and to relax Dorian?s intestines. Irving and Dorian came home and Irving hurried right back out to work.

Poor Dorian felt pretty bad. His stomach was so swollen and he was nauseous. I made a bed for him on the couch and we watched a movie with Dante. Before the movie was over, he was vomiting. The medicine that I gave him didn?t stay down at all and he was miserable, the skin on his tummy shiny and stretched. So, I did what the doctor had told us to do and got out the enema. Dorian was not impressed, but he understood why it was necessary and he was in pain and uncomfortable. Just as we were getting things ready, he let out the world?s biggest fart! And then another. His belly visibly deflated and he started to laugh. ?Well, that worked just fine!? he said.

Feeling better, he decided to move into his room and go to bed as normal, which surprised me because he is usually all about staying near me when he?s sick. As I tucked him in, I said, ?I?ll be right outside the door working on the couch. . . ?

?I know. If I need you, you?ll come right away and help me.? He said very confidently. ?I love you, Mama.?

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